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October 18th, 2009, 15:24
I assume that people consider those skills "useless skills" which they don't believe lead them to effective kind of (game-) play.

On the reverse, this means that for them, "playing" is = "becoming more and more effective".

To me, this is rather becoming devoid of the "game" / "play" point of view.

A game is a game as long as you can play it.

"Becoming more and more effective" [as a character, for example] is no "play" to me, in the most elementary sense of the word "playing", but instead it is to me what I know as "power leveling" or "munchkin" style of behaviour.

Becoming more andmore effective as a character in a game is to me nothing but a tool. A simple tool which supports gamneplay, or just "playing [around]" in the most basic sense of the word/verb "to play".

Others, however, especuially in REAL LIFE, consider "becoming more & more effective" as a way to gain power, to impress others, like "but I've got a bigger car than you have".

In this case "to play" has been replaced by "to have" or by "to be more effective than others". (Than monsters in a game, for example, through the stats of strength.)

So, what we have here are totally different styles of "playing", which might look similar at the first glance, but have different underlying motivations.

- levelling up as a tool to have easier gameplay (by having a better skill to detect traps and/or treasures chests, for example)
- levelling up as a means to be more powerful than others within the game (than monsters, for example)

Unfortunately this "becoming more effective and thus more powerful than others" playing style have been spread so much via MMORPGs, so that this is the only widely accepted style of gameplay left. Grinding just supports this kind of game-playing style, imho.

That's in my opinion the reason why some people consider some skills as "useless". They merely consider the "becoming more effective, thus more powerful" aspect of the game, like the "I've got a bigger car than thou" kind/way of thinking.

The "just playing around" style of game-playing is eradicated by this speading philosophy of how RPGs should look like and what kind of skills they should include.
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