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October 18th, 2009, 15:59
Well, not to cause another fight, but to be honest, almost every NPC you meet right from the beginning of the game, warns you to stay away from the temples and the Inquisition, and to enter Harbour Town the "back way". Over and over and over again, you are told by several NPC's not to use the front gate of Harbour Town, or to allow yourslf to be "caught" by the Inquisition.

Just as a test, I also went to the front gate of Harbour Town (in spite of all the "warnings") with the intention of joining the mages, and got arrested, and there and then and it was made very clear that if you are "caught" you will not be treated the same as when you manage to "join" on your own account, so I reloaded a previous save and went in the back way.

(I like seeing all that a game has to offer, so I'll play the "arrested" scenario as well later on, to see what the difference is.)

In any case, once you have the recommendations from both Carlos and Belschwur, you immediately get the choice of joining either Mages or Warriors, upon entering the monastery.
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