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October 19th, 2009, 12:17
I actually did find a "decent" use for magic - I recently replayed as something of a battle mage, with rank 4 Axe (rank 6 with two +1 rings), 100 strength (200 strength after using potions and apples), 4th level Seal and some points in mana (in addition to lockpicking 3). I did not use LPs in any of the crystal magics.

The point was the buffing power of the Seals - I primarily used the Berserker spell, as it increases strength by 50, regardless of your strength. This way, you can pass the regular cap of 200 and reach 250, which is a significant damage boost. Also, I had the magic protection rune for defence if needed.

Usually, however, I agree - you might as well just pump points into crystal magic, and get the rest through scrolls. Levitation is the only spell I find myself wanting to use more than my scrolls allow, simply because it often works as a good short cut.
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