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October 19th, 2009, 21:20
There should be a class "liberal hippie"

restrictions: no use of armor, no use of weapon. only talking

you get xp when you get hit.

eventually, when you got hit enough, and have gathered enough xp, you can choose to change class and get a real "profession".

skill: bribe: you talk yourself out of about 50% of all situations. therefore you have to discuss and have to choose several lines properly. If you say something wrong, you have to pay more gold. If you say something wrong too often, your opponent becomes insulted and will attack. dodge, run and try again. yet the money you used for your first bribing attempt should be gone. If the game mechanics allows, your opponent will buy some better weapon from it. Try to bribe again and choose the "right" answers now (=obey and submit and pay).

Gather money by steal (another skill), yet in a fashion that you have dialogues with random (good) NPCs and convince them to give you money, or otherwise "bad things will happen" (which means not threatingen them with physical force, but pretend that, for example, "the earth will get warmer and we will all drown in the seas!" so they have to give you the money voluntarily, more or less).

-> so basically distribution of money in the game world from good to bad via the character. possible prestige classes/advancements: "liberal non-government worker" - "liberal government worker" - "liberal politician" - "liberal messiah" (highst class, gain much money from peasants and npcs and talk and bribe yourself out of about 90% of situations)
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