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October 21st, 2009, 21:43
Originally Posted by lumiapina View Post
Could be due to reviewer(s)? Any of those by a same reviewer?
Yes, it could be due to reviewers - I may still have all necessary magazines to be able to verify it but I would need more time to find them (next weekend?).
Still, IMHO there is a pattern:

Neverwinter Nights: 90%
Neverwinter Nights 2: 90%
KOTOR: 92%
KOTOR 2: 88%
Mass Effect: 89%

Drakensang: 72%
Gothic 3: 71%

Certainly instead of “Big” games vs. “Small”(?) games pattern you could say this is just an Anglocentric point of view. cRPG from UK, USA or Canada get big scores and so-called here continental RPGs (from Germany, Poland or Belgium) … well I think you get the picture.
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