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October 22nd, 2009, 22:14
Originally Posted by skavenhorde View Post
Great? Microtransactions. When Aries mentioned something about them I thought he was crazy, but I should of known better. He was talking about EA afterall.

I know, let's set it up like pogo and people can pay for the really cool loot in their pogo like store. Why not, they did it with The Sims.

Sorry Aries for doubting you.

And this was really dissapointing. I thought they were being nice like The Witcher's flash game. You didn't have to pay a dime to play that, ever.
To be fair, you can play the first chapter of DA: Journeys for free. If you want to play chapter two or three, you'll have to pay. And you can unlock content you can use in DA: Origins.

Browser games, I think, used to bee free?

The best thing I have to say about this is that eventually DA: Journeys will involve into a multi-player game. And there have been a lot of threads asking for this over at the Bioware forums.

It surprised me that the his game will be in 2D, be hex based and use a true turn-based system in combat. However, market research must have convinced EA and Bioware that this will be profitable…. i.e. incresed player base. Many casual gamers these days play browser games, and so EA thinks they can reel in the casual gamers this way, I find.
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