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October 22nd, 2009, 21:24
That's OK - the micro-transactions are important, I find.

Especially since EA's head honcho, Ray and Greg from Bioware all seem in agreement that full digital is the way to go forward when it comes to even single player games (rpgs and such) - and since the whole 'software as service' bit also will be increasing in the coming years. This is my pre-diction, at least.

We need to discuss what this means for the singleplayer rpg?

I don't think many os us here would like the idea of being online all the time, or just the idea of putting micro-transactions in the game, meaning that to get the sword of uber-cool, you will have to pay say 2-4 US dollars.

However, I do believe that we're in the minority here.

People are already used to buying (new) songs for their Guitar Hero game. Most people don't distinguish, I believe?, between paying for a song in Guitar Hero or Rock Band, or paying to do a (non-essential) quest in Dragon Age: Origins.
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