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October 24th, 2009, 07:13
I think he might be a little to hard on himself. I'm very interested in this game and don't care how long it takes. I'm quite happy waiting a few years to buy this if it means it gets finished.

Some indies, and especially mods, have grand plans, but never get finished. All those ultima mods that were going to be made are the best example I can think of. I rememeber when Dungeon Siege first came out, there were Ultima mods popping up left and right all across the internet. Not many of them were finished. The best out of all of them is the mod Corwin worked on, Lazarus. That had grand plans and was finished. Heck it was so good now Ultima 6 is almost done.

So Rampant, please keep banging away and fixing that 'bit-rot' Some of us are very excited about this game your making. Don't forget to blow off some steam though. Go get your butt kicked in KOTC every now and then. It helps to just goof off.
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