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October 25th, 2009, 17:22
Between the character generator and Journeys, I'm actually less interested in DA:O than I was, which is frustrating as I've been going all out, pre-ordering the CE and buying both the books. While I understand the skills/spells are scaled down for the flash game, from playing w/ the character generator, they don't seem to be THAT scaled down.

I think DA is going to have too few accessible skills/spells for me and those they have are going to be more for combat than "utility", the latter of which I drastically prefer. And I don't like the rigid/linear skill paths and how strictly abilities are tied to class. I'm starting to worry, at least game-play-wise, that DA:O is going to be another dumbed down ARPG.
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And I urge all of you to say absolutely YES to micro-transactions. I'm fully in favour of paying for game content, and with micro-transactions I'm getting the most choice in not having to pay for stuff I don't want.
Unfortunately, while DLC can be ignored, since it's something with deal with and consider outside the game, in-game micro-transactions cannot be ignored. When I see that guy telling me I have to pay 5 USD for something or another that's going to just rip my immersion into the game right out of my hands.
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