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October 26th, 2009, 20:17
Hm, difficult choice.

More armor alwys means = more hindrance. The less hindrance the better, especially with adventurers in *full* armor.

On the other hand, a shield can parry (if I remember this correctly) a few to several beats, consult the handbook for that. Or do a right-click on the skill, I think there should open an explanation window on that.

I think it also depends on who you are going to fight. Parry is a bit better against humans & humanoids, but I don't know how this is performed rule-wise.

I don't quite remember, but I think there are some life-forms and some non-lifeforms which you can't parry - but I'm overasked on that. Especially since I'm not that good with the 4.0-4.1 rules.

I was just browsing through my game's handbook, but unfortunately it didn't offer me any help on that.

So I can do nothing but hope that there's someone with better knowledge here than me.

And don't forget doing a right-click on talents for the description !
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