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October 30th, 2009, 05:03
Have to agree with others the beginning was quite entertaining but as pointed out by the time you get to chap 3 and 4 it is major redundancy.

The map function is blasť at best it could have been much more user friendly. I am an old fart and when I was picking up the titan armor I forgot which dungeon I had got what from! So even more running around and around the same little map ad infinitum or nausea, when all that was needed was an X through the completed dungeons.

Combat was a bit weird where as a weak first level rag tag I could quite easily kill a (terrifying?) Seagull or vulture or gnome but as soon as I got a "better" weapon it was nearly twice as hard to kill the same creature. However overall it was pretty smooth other than a bit hard to get the timing for special attacks.

I might replay but the time consuming travel over the same terrain did get monotonous and so, is kind of intimidating.

I did enjoy the game but it went from a 9 or 10 to a mediocre 5 or 6 (imho) all because of being too scripted (in chapters 3 and 4) and a tiny world map.
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