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October 30th, 2009, 15:34
I'm quoting myself, just ignore this, if you can .

Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
I think the lack of romance of any kind is just a sign of … writers, developers, whatever, don't seeing the need for relationships.

To make it short, the lack of relationships in RPGs make them rather lok like an immature boy's dream: Adventures, but no need to be troubled by girls. "Bah ! Kisses !!!"

Personally, I'd say/guess, the more romances a game includes, the more mature it is, because only people of a certain span of ages feel attracted by the possibilities of having a "real" relationship - especially in a game, playing a role "as if".

Plus, romances in a game are more women.oriented, I guess (just a broad guess, nothing more), assuming that a game like Gothic 1 is the dream of any boy/man never really wanting to bother with women at all.

I guess that a game like Gothic 1, only with the sexes swapped in their roles there, would completely fail at male gamers, at least at the majority. I don't believe that the majority of male gamers could stand a society like in Gothic 1 only vice versa where EVERYTHING is being ruled by women - and men are the absolute minority …

Originally Posted by KapitanUnterhosen View Post
Romance in a game requires you to actually "care" about a character,

Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
I very much agree with this snippet.

But - I assume that groups of developers consisting mostly of males don't seem to have developed a way - a kind of language and story-telling pattern - to present this in a game. It's just a blank part of the map of storytelling.

Of course they never needed it so far, because all RPGs were so far mainly about combat.

And the storytelling aspect of combat is overall very good developed, internationally, and in all RPGs, I guess.

… I just don't know … but I have the feeling as if developing groups mainly consisting of males developed storytelling aspects which are innate to males first. Hero Journey, competition, being the hero who makes his way through the world, slays evil, becomes kind - and eventually "rescues the maiden fair" (Genesis, "The Lady Lies"). These are stories a boy would rather like to play, or a man - and these are developed quite good, I guess, over the course of the last few decades, in terms of video games storytelling.

But - I assume that women would focus on other aspects. And storytelling in *these* areas is just not developed.

A becoming hero just normally doesn't have to deal with social networks within his fantasy town. He even doesn't need to, because he is - usually - depicted in games as the lone hero, a "Lone Star" (Spaceballs ), and he usually doesn't need to bother about any social networks in town - and the developers didn't implement them because of that !

Now, future development of storytelling aspects must imho focus more and more on social aspects - and romancing is in my opinion just one of them.

Of course, there'll always be games with the old "lone hero" cliché, because that's one of the oldest and strongest myths … - but at one point there'll be social networks also.
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