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October 30th, 2009, 17:48
I think his opinion has its merits, and it just depends on what you're after in this game, which is the same as I feel about the Gamespot (8.0) review.
All-in-all, the Diablo titles felt to me a bit like the old arcade scrambler, Gauntlet. Never did I feel particularly challenged or immersed, but I felt thoroughly entertained. I can say much the same regarding Torchlight…it truly feels like a 'video game', not a life-changing experience.
What I love about it is that I'm completely able to just enjoy the gameplay without thinking about what I'm after or even what I'm doing…I'm just clicking along killing stuff.
I usually like harder hardcore CRPGs than most people who enjoy CRPGs (i.e., the Arkania series), and this game doesn't even tip its hat to anything like that; but it's a lot of mindless fun if you enjoy video games for being what they are.
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