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November 1st, 2009, 20:33
Hmm, I voted "only when a party member dies".
I tend to save the game alot because I hate having to go through the same things again if I end up dead.
But about reloading, it depends on the consequences of a party member's death.
If I can bring him back relatively easy then I don't reload.
Also, I never reload afterward a successful fight because I used to many instant stuff, scrolls, potions etc. Because then I wouldn't use them in the first place.

I think my irritation of having to go through the same thing again keeps me away from reloading to often just to get a more perfect result.

It all comes down to the consequences. Did I loose the party member forever, did I fail a quest or is it to much of a hassle having to bring him back vs the hassle and chance of a better result by going through the fight again.
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