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November 2nd, 2009, 05:15
Here's a quick mini-review:

Buying from GamersGate is a chore. The download speed is abysmal. It took around 36 hours for me to download this game. I could have flown to Russia, purchased it on disk, and flown back in less time. Of course, I would have been out some serious jack, but that's beside the point.

At first look, Gameplay seems similar to Dungeon Siege (and it's cousins). But the play is actually deeper. The rule system is actually more similar to fallout, with skills and perks (every 4 levels!). And the party mechanics are more like Baldurs Gate 2 (compete with inter-party bickering) There is a main quest, but within the main quest, there are plenty of little quests, that actually matter (and of course, there are some that are fluff). What you get is a much deeper game, and a much less feel that you are being railroaded. Minor things that don't seem to matter, actually make a difference later. For example (small spoiler!), there is a bandit that you are given the chance to spare, if you so desire. If you do so, he shows up a few hours later with his four sons, to help you fend off an attack on an inn. Then you can recruit him into your party, and he becomes a stalwart companion.

There are three worlds - the Inner World (our world), the Middle world, and the outer world. I've only been to the middle world, but it's similar to Arcanum - it's steampunk, railroads, magic users, etc. Previous to the game, there was a big war between the living and the dead, ending in a treaty. Now, there is a border between the lands of the dead and the living. It's creepy, when you get close to it, and whatever you do, don't wander over the border. At least until your level is really high. The dead stick to their side anyway.

You're a doctor. That's right, you're not a pimply faced, mad at the world teenager. Nope, you're a doctor, and you're living a normal life in our world, when a girl you assume to be about 13 shows up at your apartment. Somehow events turn out that you stumble into the middle world, and she becomes your companion. And it seems she may know a whole lot more about what's going on.
There are different factions in this world, fighting each other. Most of them want you dead! Plus, there are a lot of people who call you "Lord", and refuse to tell you why.
If you haven't guessed by now, This game is story heavy. There even appears to be a bit of Romance. I took a side quest, and picked up a pretty fighter lady, and now telle (the girl from before), occasionally makes remarks, and acts snooty to her. This really reminds me of Baldurs Gate 2.

Anyway, I'm enjoying this game immensely. I would recommend it, if you have the patience to try downloading it. It's well worth it!
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