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November 2nd, 2009, 15:34
@Benedict: I think "Action RPG" is probably a misnomer. It's more like Baldurs Gate - where you pause, and give everyone commands, and unpause and let them fight. There's a bit of management involved - Telle (The sorceror girl) is constantly getting picked on, so you need to manage her healing and defense quite a bit.

@Dyspaire: Yes, I bought the english version. There is not a lot of voice acting, though there is some. What there is, is done well (Sounds like actors, not programmers). The music is good, it doesn't get repetitive, and the general atmosphere is good.

I'll post a better review once I finish it. I've been burned a few times on games that started out "great", and then fizzled about half way through. (The two worst offenders being Lionheart and Revenant -- both of those felt like they ran out of money half way through, and just had combat for the last half…) Still, I fell this one so far has been good, I wonder why it hasn't gotten a bigger release.
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