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November 2nd, 2009, 20:50
@JDR -
yeah, watch the series then come back and tell me that the movie reflects those characters, it really doesnt. I'm not usually one to complain about grim tone, but that movie was grim - the series wasnt. Granted, the series wasnt Red Dwarf or anything, but it still was, well…. fun. Kaylee was country-bumpkin'ish lovable little sister. Jayne was the ultra-selfish big lummox. Inara was the den mother. Wash was the exact opposite of his wife Zoey- he's a total scaredy cat wimp, but an ace pilot, she's the no-nonsense warrior. Simon was the socially-awkward scientist, forever blundering at the last moment in his pursuit of Kaylee. The Cap'n was funny, I dont care what anyone says, he had that sorta endearing no-nonsense vibe that made him funny because he always ended up getting the short end of the stick. Besides maybe during each character's entrance scene where they may have exhibited their former series traits, they all pretty much fell into Ship Crew Member monotony, swiftly followed by Action Hero Mode. I could go on, but for brevity's sake i'll just leave it there. The characters were cardboard cutouts of the series personas.

The "Space Western" feel to the whole thing was gone, the series always had that as a strong overarching theme - dusty future-primitive planets, six-guns, outlaws, the music. That was pretty much gone too.

Maybe taking it a bit too seriously, but hey we spent a month's weekends plowing thru the series and enjoying it, and the denoument is a Hollywood Action Film 101.. GRR ARGH. My reaction is light, Jess spazzed the hell out and practically issued a fatwa on Joss Whedon lol
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