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November 3rd, 2009, 13:30
Well, I think that really big dungeons should have the experience of actually surviving them … Which means there should be places for healing & refreshing, perhaps.

I don't mean full "Altars Of Fully Restored Health", but a place for just resting would be nice. Maybe the dungeon has a few separated cells or so, former home of someone … but abandoned, so they can be used to resting.

And of course, if a skeleton finds or has the key to them - why not let it lock the adventurers into the cell they were just resting in ?

If there was an underground river - well, that would be nice for replenishing the group's water ressources.

Imho everything should have its own reason to be there. There are jokes going around of some dungeon inhabitants placing traps there needed for adventurers who happen to stumble into their caves … Monsters living there should have thir own resources. Nothing is as silly as some randomly placed monster which just evokes the impression as if being placed there just to become cannon fodder one day.

If let's say humans and orcs live peacefull side to side within dungeons, they should have their reasons to do so. Maybe they're all outcasts and have combined forces for mere survival there. And then, I think, they might even be friendly towards the adventurers, breaking clichés.

Big dungeons are like the underground railway : Boring, if nothing interesting happens. There might be some really mysterious and actient cave paintings, for example. I don't think I've theen this yet in a game.
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