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November 3rd, 2009, 15:46
um.. apologies for my ignorance, but what on earth does the TES series have to do with the Gothic series? What is the merit in comparing a Gothic style game to a TES game? Either you like one or the other, or both.
Me, I like both, (well I loved Morrowind, anyway - not so much Oblivion), but for different reasons.

They are different games, a different series, a different style of play, with a different focus.

I 'd understand if you compared Risen to the previous Gothic games, but why to a TES game in particular? There are sooo many other action-RPG's out there that one could also have compared it to…

EDIT: ..sorry- I just had to vent a bit re the Gothic/TES mudslinging going on in the thread. It always gets my goat when this happens, because I enjoy both of these series. Comparing them is of course useful, I was actually talking about the mudslinging that so often ensues when the comparison comes up..
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