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November 3rd, 2009, 16:35
Not much difference between mowing an outdoor map and mowing a dungeon map, IMO. The biggest issue to a seriously long dungeon run is the need to peck at it. Whether you have to do a bit, go back to town for supplies, and then do more; or do a bit, go back to town to sell loot because you can't carry anymore, and then do more; or do a bit, go back to town to resurrect the dead cuz the dungeon is a real bitch, then do more… And locking the party in the dungeon to eliminate the backtracking without eliminating the issue that prompts players to backtrack in the first place is even more annoying.
The thing about an outdoor map is that you can ussully just go back go where you want / go to town etc at "almost" any time. But deep within a dungeon full of puzzles, monsters and mysterious you might have to push on with limited access to resources and healing….. thus giving you a big sense of satisfication when you finally reach the "big bad boss" and defeat him to collect the loot of the huge dungeon.
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