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November 3rd, 2009, 17:09
I'd say it all depends on how well constructed and atmospheric the dungeon is. I'm pretty fond of a good dungeon crawl, myself, but it can definitely get tedious if the dungeon is too empty of interest--a good dungeon sets up a feeling of danger and isolation, the suspense of not knowing what's waiting in the dark ahead of you, and the utilization of all your skills and tricks to survive. When you finally are through with it and emerge into the outer world, there's a great sense of achievement and resolution. A bad dungeon is just a boring interlude where you can't see very well and you kill things til you get out.

I always think of the Severed Hand in Icewind Dale when I think about how well a dungeon can be done; also the original Diablo/Hellfire had some amazing dungeon atmosphere and well done elements of suspense and dread.
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