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November 3rd, 2009, 20:07
Originally Posted by fragonard View Post
I wasn't comparing them at all, at least as games. I simply meant that Risen brought up emotional responses that that I previously felt for Gothic and Morrowind. The same way both pizza and a good roasted chicken make me drool - they don't have to be similar.
Apologies if I made you think I was talking about you, fragonard. I was talking about earlier up in the thread. I had only read this thread today for the first time (since I had only managed to finish the game on Sunday) , so I just thought to myself: "Here we go again…"

I don't agree with the route Bethesda had started to take recently -starting with Oblivion, but Bethesda had made some good games in earlier years, so I don't like if all their games are thrown under the same blanket and bashed equally, especially not in a thread dealing with a PB game, you know?

Ah, just nevermind. I suppose I'm just a bit sensitive because of recent Morrowind vs Oblivion fights I'd recently witnessed/been involved in on another website.

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