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November 4th, 2009, 03:47
I wish they would focus on the final product. Work on a demo after release. I can't state I know if a demo will get a significant portion of people to buy the game or not, but I can say I think a demo now or after release will probably net the same amount of increased sales. I said probably because I donít know how much Mr. Weller is banking on ďrelease hypeĒ drawing people to the site, at which point they will have immediate access to try the game, be sold, and hopefully buy it.

If I were in charge Iíd say no demo. Let the hype force people to buy the game or not; blind but for the hype. And I hope everyone who spouted their glowing-hype-gibberish about all the crap games Iíve bought over the years, with the super retarded combat which you would only assume a cracked-out and half-retarded monkey wouldnít even be able to tolerate, on just their word and without a demo, buy it and hate it. Then Iíll send them an email that says, ďRevenge is a dish best served cold, bitches!!!!!!.Ē And then cackle madly and scratch my genitals with more glee than the usual amount of glee scratching my genitals usually gives meóand that will be a lot of glee, let me tell you what.

Of course the 20 or 30 bucks they will have dropped for this game will not make up for hundreds, possibly thousands, worth of shit games Iíve bought over the years. And Iím far too lazy to put the effort into the whole ďsending everyone an emailĒ portion of my grand scheme. Iíd probably end up just emailing my wife, and she would have no idea what I was talking about, and Iíd feel retarded explaining, and sheíd be mad for some reason because thatís what she does. So Iím just going to imagine the first couple parts happened and skip to the cackling and ball scratching, because this is America and a boy can dream canít he?

Well, anywho, my point is why isnít this game out? I say we all send Mr. Weller hate mail and death threats until he focuses on releases the actual game, and then we will continue with that plan (but with an occasional nice piece of mail to keep him off-balance and guessing) until the game is released finally after being developed for 12 years. We will call this Plan A. Anyone who posts a reply that might seem negative towards me is automatically included as a ringleader in Plan A, regardless of what they say or deny. Everyone else will be assumed to be a henchman of Plan A. All right kids, we have a lot of work to do, letís get to it. Plan A commences now.
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