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November 4th, 2009, 12:01
This game is going to be "very different" in most ways… for example the world will keep evolving while you rest… but the basic resting inside a dungeon will basically be any suitable spot ( enough space to put out your bedrolls and build a camp fire). While you rest you have to choose the setup… for example who will stand guard, who will try to mix potion / who will train etc etc…. ( if you choose to let all your characters sleep.. that will not be a smart decision ussually, unless your mage cast "watchdog" spell ) you can save several different setups which the game will remmember.. and set a default one too.

If you pay to sleep in an inn, or sleep in a place you own or this kind of thing, of course the quality of the rest might be better and the morale of your characters would go up.
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