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November 5th, 2009, 15:15
Stuck, Any ideas?

1st off been playing FTD for 4 days now and its a great little take off.

The problem I ran into is gold and leveling.. I find that items cost $$$ at vendors and the drop on gold is a joke. Best way to make $$$ is to bust open boxes and barrels, but they dont respawn. You have a limited amout of gold!???

But the bigger issuse is that im running a full 6 in my group, and with all members at lev 15. The problem is they share the exps for each kill and I have run out of mobs to kill. Im up to currently having to kill lev 23 to 26 mobs.. you can do it but battles are very long , almost boring. Tons of healing..
The bad guys can heal for big time numbers.. so you need dps to drop them.
Yes I went back and killed everything I could in the lev 16 to 19 area, but now there is nothing to kill.
Unlike most other rpg's, this game will not reset the bad guys for leveing. and or gold.
Not sure what to do.. Did I miss somthing?
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