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November 6th, 2009, 06:26
Why would having the player require food be an 'annoyance'? Certainly to the average Halo player, whose sole genre of game is FPS's, and even in those, only plays the console style games with no recoil in the weapons and hit boxes three times the size of the other players.

At worst, make it optional (I think Eschalon 2 is going this route). Require food gathering and some micro-management for those who want it, or let it be turned off for those who play Halo. I personally don't mind either way. It adds very little IMO, but subtracts even less than that. It adds a little micromanagement (depending on system; though I never thought it made sense in U6 for Iolo to refuse to toss Dupre a freaking mutton chop; let one character tote the food and parcel it out), and a small addition to the resource-gathering/depletion portion of the game. It does not really add difficulty, unless you are really a Halo player.

As to shutting it up, and locking the players in; only if there is some reason to. And then, only rarely, and have alternate exits/entrances that are less guarded.

A sewer will have multiple points of entry throughout the city. Some might be locked, others guarded, but not all of them all of the time. Caves… just no. Locking the party into a cavern system just screams railroading.

Now actual dungeon-dungeons (i.e. prisons below castles, old mausoleums that would have had only one entrance/exit) are ok, particularly prison-type dungeons. Mausoleums only if there is some reason in-game-world terms that would cause the door to be locked.

Basically, other than the point above; what HiddenX said. Though I'll add; make sure it makes sense. A river running down the midst of a mausoleum doesn't; one in a system of caves and natural tunnels; yes. Small, single exit cells make sense in a prison; not in a cave.

Even the traps and puzzles should reflect the environment they're in. Let the environment you're in provide much of the fun, and it'll be considerably more immersive.
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