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November 7th, 2009, 21:22
This week I struggled hard to get all my books read during the week. I failed, I had to read about 60 pages this morning… but still… this gave me an entire afternoon with Pools of Radiance 2. You may ask, with the recent flux of games, shouldn't I get my hands dirty with Risen, Dragon Age or Divinity 2? No, I do not dare to. I do not have time to get stuck in a game right now, I want one that I can play for awhile, then pause for a couple of weeks. I know that up ahead there will be even more to read. I save the RPG's for winter and hope that my next university course wont be this stressful.

So how's Pool of Radiance 2? Well, compared to Baldur's Gate, Arcanum, Fallout, Icewind Dale etc it's rather poor… however, it's still playable, and frankly, compared to the recent era of disappointing RPG's it can be quite comforting. I like the attention they have given to ambient RPG-style comments that pop up all the time. It often sets a spooky or mysterious tone to what's going on. The battles can be quite long and it's a really hardcore game. I have allowed myself to cheat by maximizing the HP but it's still hard.

The game begins outdoors but soon enough you enter a massive dungeon, truly massive. It's way larger than anything I have ever seen in a game like this. Each floor can take an entire day to explore and the dungeon consists of about 5 floors. Makes the dungeon in the beginning of Divine Divinity appear small.
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