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November 9th, 2009, 11:29
Originally Posted by skavenhorde View Post
Dungeon lords is fun and I've passed it twice now, but you can not expect more than what it is. Sorta like Borderlands. If you expect too much you will be dissapointed.

Dugeon Lords is empty, spawns crazy amounts of baddies, still has bugs (I believe) no story whatsoever, and all other kinds of problems with it, but for some crazy reason it's still fun to just go in there and blast the living bejesus out of everything. Character development needs improvement, but still it's another one of the reasons I liked it. I liked making my bad ass ninja guy (can't remember the name of the class now baduko or something like that). The best thing about Dungeon Lords was that it allowed me to play with my friends and family back home. Finally, an over the shoulder rpg game that I can play with my family.

I tried to get creative and go for the weaker class combinations. The weaker classes were a lot more fun to play, imo. It get's boring really quick if you can kill everything with one swing. Nether Magic was also intersting. Finding the combinations of ingrediants to different spells was fun for awhile. Though it gets tedious trying to make the same spell over and over again. They should have made it easier to make a lot of spells at the same time. Plus there are few Nether Magic spells that are still broken. You can mix together the ingrediants and make the spell, but it does absolutely nothing. And the more powerful spells that require a certain type of ingrediant are only available in the last level of the game, by that time it's almost worthless to get those spells.

My opinion on this game is definetly in the minority, there are a few here who passionetly hate the name Dungeon Lords and anything to do with it (all kinds of reasons mostly because they made you buy the CE if you wanted the complete version of the game). So if you want a mindless rpg game that isn't Diablo give this one a try. If you want more than that then don't play this game. You will just be bored to tears.
Great summary. I think I'll postpone it untill I'm in the mood for this type of games. Thanks for the info anyways.
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