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November 15th, 2009, 04:55
Well, Ive drank the Dragon Age Kool-Aid and am liking it. I dont think that I have to say anything more than what you already know, it's generally an excellent and challenging title. Along w/ that, Ive gotten a couple other games.

Fort Zombie: Great Idea, awful execution. Youre in the shoes of a lone survivor of the zombie apocalypse who must find other survivors, scavenge for supplies and ammo, and hole up in a last-stand type fort (house, police station, etx). You pick a class rpg-style (military, paramedic, etx) that influences your abilities. Sounds great, like every zombie movie fan's wet dream come true right??? How bad can it be, especially for 9.99? Trust me, as someone who truly wants this game to be awesome - 9.99 is overpriced by like 9.98

The graphics look like 2002, and truthfully i can look past that - it's the fact that a game of this shoddy looking nature to run like total hell on an 8800 gts 512mb & 2gb of ram is inexcusable. I'm running Dragon Age just fine, and this crap is a slideshow. The movement and aiming system is absolutely retarded with no options to configure, and the sound is atrocious. Three strikes your f&*%*$ out. The game is a total disappointment. Hopefully someone who knows how to make a game will hear about it and make one of their own based around the concept, because if done right it would certainly rock.

Trine: Cool little rpg'ish side-scroller thats really fun to play, I encourage you to check out the demo!
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