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November 17th, 2009, 14:10
Originally Posted by Cassius View Post
It's just that the aspects beyond writing and NPC interaction (combat, exploration, character building, etc.) are so mediocre they're completely overshadowed by the story and the whole experience ends up feeling more like a gamebook. It's comparable to Temple of Elemental Evil: a game that does one element very well indeed, but the rest is entirely forgettable.
Yeah, I'd agree with that.

You might say Temple is the reverse example, where the core gameplay is great - but all the other "flavor" stuff is crap. The core gameplay being the combat engine and rule mechanics. The entire game is like one big combat sequence interrupted by some minor exploration and NPC interaction.

Torment is like a big interactive book interrupted by trivial combat sequences.

Then again, it's all relative. Some people evidently find the gameplay in Torment engaging and that's likely due to the "roleplaying" aspects of having dialogue choices matter - or so I've heard.




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