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November 17th, 2009, 21:18
At last, Devin Townsend released his second album this year.
Itīs heavy, crushing and … poppy!
Also, itīs his most entertaining since Accelerated Evolution (2003).
Starts with two fairly brutal tracks and then dives into various flavors of heavy pop waters and stays there till the end.
Everything typical for Townsend is there - dense arrangements, crushing guitars, clean and harsh vocals, etc. Compared to the most of his others, songs are generally shorter, contain more melodic hooks, some incredible "operatic" vocal parts and, probably most importantly, prominent use of one and only Anneke van Giersbergenīs cute voice.
Album is very diverse within the above mentioned mantinels and as a whole has just about perfect flow.
Iīm a big fan of the dude so I may be a bit, eh, biased, but … itīs album of the year! Highly recommended to all rock fans here.

Devin Townsend - Addicted (2009)

Supercrush! (features this yearīs most epic chorus)
Hyperdrive! (very airy song with female vocals only)
Ih-Ah! (by far the albumīs most cheesy song, works marvellously within the context)
Awake! (rather unusual albumīs epic closer nicely summarizing albumīs diverse nature)

As a bonus:
Devin Townsend Unleashed - a part of Townsendīs guitar tutorials, first three minutes are quite usual guitar playing but then the guy goes absolutely nuts and itīs very very funny.
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