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November 21st, 2009, 00:37
Originally Posted by skavenhorde View Post
That multi-player part has got me worried, but other than that the game is looking good. It seems about the same to me except for you're going after a big sister this time.
Multiplayer is being done by a separate studio (Digital Extremes) whose sole responsibility, so far as I am aware, is the MP part of the game so it ought to be almost completely separate and not effect the mainline development. I'd tend to be more worried about there being no less than 4 studios working on the title as a whole (2kMarin, IG Australia, Arkane, Digital Extremes and if the first is any indication they may pull in 2k Shanghai as well for a bit).

Some of the SE information in the newsbit is a bit unclear (assuming most here are PC users the price is 89USD with 99 for the console version, the two soundtracks are different, one is of Bioshock 1's score, the other is 2's)- 2k's SE press release has the details. Even at 90usd it's still very steep for what you get.
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