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November 21st, 2009, 02:26
Originally Posted by Zygo View Post
Some of the SE information in the newsbit is a bit unclear (assuming most here are PC users the price is 89USD with 99 for the console version, the two soundtracks are different, one is of Bioshock 1's score, the other is 2's)- 2k's SE press release has the details. Even at 90usd it's still very steep for what you get.
Gamernode didn't specify that price was only for the Xbox and PS3 version. I even checked to make sure that the $99 price was actually accurate. I thought it was a mistake at first. In this economy releasing a special edition for $99 seems a little crazy to me. For that I want a ton of miniatures , not a vinyl LP. That is less than worthless to me.

Thanks for the heads up on the PC version only being $89. I added that to the newsbit. Still too much, imo.

As for the game itself, the basic setting is that girls are going missing off of a beach on the Atlantic coast and a big red light has been seen when they go missing. I would assume that if girls can go missing then other people can as well. That would explain all the new splicers down there.

I'm not exactly sure how they'll tie this one together with Bioshock 1. I just hope they don't just say Rapture hasn't been destroyed 'just because it hasn't' or they gloss over the fact that Rapture was in bad shape at the end of Bioshock and without any help managed to survive another 10 years.

The first new splicer that the game introduces should be the engineer splicer. He goes around fixing Rapture. At least that would make some kind of sense as to why Rapture hasn't been destroyed yet
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