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Arrow A Few Questions Before Installing

November 22nd, 2009, 04:13
I just received this game in the mail but before installing I have just a few questions.

1. Is it better to build straight character class? In other words, let's say I want to play a warrior. Is it better to to concentrate in a few areas and make my warrior the be all, end all warrior?

2. Or, is a dual-class (sorry for the D&D reference) a desirable way to go? For example, I do like inflicting damage with range weapons and though mages aren't my favorite character class I do enjoy having magic supporting my character. So if I choose an archer build but want magic as well is this advisable or will I be spreading my character too thin? Since I am not in any way familiar with the Pencil and Paper form of the game which this PC version is based upon I am not sure about character build even with the manual per se.

3. Lastly, and sorry for the noobness of this question with the realization I may have totally missed it, but does the maximum party consist of your character + 3 members or you + 4?

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