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November 23rd, 2009, 12:42
It depends on the game and what it tries to do.

I think the system in Dragon Age is OK - but far from ideal. My main issue is that it partially ruins immersion to have party members magically "get up" after each fight - injury or not. Also, even if you prefer them to stay alive given the injury mechanic, you don't really invest what you would if you knew they'd die and death was a problem.

But given the MASSIVE focus on combat and the way they've chosen to make it extremely inconvenient to leave areas to camp - I think it's necessary.

I'd probably have preferred a revival spell late in the Spirit Healer talent tree (last power, for instance) and some rare revival scrolls. This way, you'd do anything to preserve your healer and you'd know that death would cost you dearly (dead healer = use a rare revival scroll or get all the way back). But with that kind of system, they'd need to tone down the amount of combat, and instead make fights more interesting.
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