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November 26th, 2009, 22:08
I asked this in the Steam forums as DA is on 25% off there until midnight, but on retrospect, I should have asked here first as RPGW has a much more dedicated group of gamers, imo.

I've tried Drakensang as there's a demo and I quite like it. And up until the DA sale, was on the verge of purchasing it as I just finished Two Worlds last week.

How do these games play, comparatively. It seems to me they're very similar, but I can't find too many direct comparisons online.

What say you? Is there too much talking in DA? I'm not in it THAT much for the story, more the gameplay and the loot. I don't know if I actually have time for an 80 hour game…. more like 30/40 or so. Drakensang seemed to be really well done; easy to play and get into, interesting skill and talent trees with a very accessible character & alchemy system. Of course, I couldn't find a trainer for lockpicking in the demo for the life of me, but whatever.

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