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November 26th, 2009, 22:30
You just cannot compare DA and Drasa, imho, because they are totally different worlds with different mechanics and experiences.

Drasa is far not that "dark & gritty" than DA is said to be (I don't have DA), and personally, for me, this is a plus.

The world looks very much … mediaval, and doesn't have as much magic as (A)D&D games and more or less consequently DA used to have - the setting simply doesn't allow it. Aventuria is just a world with relatively few magic (and fans even said that in the game are far too many magical objects compared to the P&P version of that world).

Drasa is focused on a much broader audience, that's why it's not that dark than DA, and although there are some points, it isn't as bloody as DA is said to be as well.

Plus, it has a different approach, overall.

There is a relatively lot of combat (for some fans too much, because in the P&P version of the system there is much more focus on social skills, too), but there is also talking and trading, so to say. Plus exploring, imho.

I'd say : Try the demo first, then decide what to do.
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