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November 26th, 2009, 22:39
Dragon Age and Drakensang do seem very similar.

Originally Posted by vanedor View Post
DA is overall a better product imo. A better developped world, better characters, richer 'loot' if that's what you care about. Not that Drakensang is a bad game, but it just feels to me like a poor man version of DA.
This is true to some extent. I disagree about the loot. DA's loot was terrible. Not as bad as that in Mass Effect, but still bad.

In a nutshell, Dragon Age is all about presentation, dialogues, combat and interactive storytelling. Drakensang is less good in those areas, but has other qualities that DA sucks in.

DA is a better, bigger game overall with a way bigger budget. There's no idle time, you are pushed forward relentlessly, either through fully voiced dialogue or through combat. The whole presentation is excellent. The rest is not noteworthy, but it doesn't matter too much when you are captivated enough by the aforementioned things.

Drakensang has some slow/boring parts in it, particularly the beginning unfortunately, but I found it a bit more atmospheric compared to DA. Drakensang also has much better items; magic weapons or armor actually feel special and unique. Characters are not fully voiced, the main character however is a mute in both games. Although there are a lot more skills in DA, I found the skills in DraSa more fun and interesting. They are not all combat-related, which means the actual gameplay is more diverse compared to DA. You actually get to do non-combat quests in Drakensang.

If ratings are your thing, I'd give Dragon Age a consistent 90% for fun, but only 75-85% for memorability.
Drakensang's fun jumped a bit, starting with 75%, ending with 80%, with high points at 85-90% in between, memorability is a bit higher than DA though, maybe 85%.

I'm curious how Drakensang 2 will compare to both its predecessor and Dragon Age.
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