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November 26th, 2009, 23:11
Originally Posted by oliverh72 View Post
I don't know if I actually have time for an 80 hour game…. more like 30/40 or so.
Drakensang is an 80 hour game. But maybe DA too.

Drakensang seemed to be really well done;
It is. Just very conservative. Surprsingly polished for a Euro-RPG. No comparison to the AAA project Dragon Age though.
easy to play and get into,
Correct, despite a massive p&p RPG system behind it.

interesting skill and talent trees with a very accessible character & alchemy system.
This is where a p&p system grown over 25 years pays off. The Dark Eye is deep and rock solid.

Of course, I couldn't find a trainer for lockpicking in the demo for the life of me, but whatever.
There is none. Just a quest which will lead to one.

The demo is Drakensang's weakest area, BTW, because it offered only a few choices for character development. It gets much better when things open up.

If you like the DraSa demo and you prefer a 40 hour game the upcoming Drakensang: The River of Time could be the game you're looking for.

To avoid being misunderstood:
I have a DA Colletor's Edition and I like the few things I've seen so far. Great atmosphere. I'll certainly play it in the near future.
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