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November 26th, 2009, 23:55
Internet Rule #47: Never engage in debate with an individual who has the spare time to make 2800+ posts to a crpg discussion website.

Ignoring this sage wisdom, this:

"In the US money talks, there's no such thing as achievements in arts and culture. Every great deed done by the US since it's birth have been in response to a war, including the moon landing."

is one of the dumbest things I've ever read on the internet in the 20+ years I've been using it.

Please, PLEASE, keep your agitprop juvenilia at least somewhat in check.

I frequent this site enough to be aware of your self-ascribed role here. Frankly, I'm embarrassed for you.

Contrary to your current perception, this is not ad-hominem; it's advice, pure and simple.

You SHOULD be ashamed of yourself. But I suspect you're merely inspired instead.

(Don't expect a further response on this topic. That would only feed the beast, wouldn't it?)
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