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November 27th, 2009, 01:24
Wow. Thanks so much for the responses! This makes my decision even harder, not easier.

The thing is, I could find 80 hours to spend on a game, I'd just have to stretch it out over a very long time. And until Two Worlds, I hadn't finished a game in ages. Not sure why TW hooked me so much, but it did. I currently also own Risen, Torchlight, Sacred 2, and King's Bounty, none of which I've finished.

Risen, I find too frustrating, though I do like it. Torchlight is awesome, but to me, it's a play for 30 minutes now and again game so I don't get burned out on how light and fluffy it all is. Which I really love, mind you. Just not for a true RPG fix. Sacred 2 is… well, awkward. It's good, but awkward. Best way I can describe it. King's Bounty is more turn-by-turn than I'm itching for. So I figured Drakensang would hit that sweet spot.

But now that DA is on sweet sweet sale… Oh what to do?

RIGHT. That's what I was going to say… When's the sequel coming out? From your comments, it sounds like a shorter, standalone version, no? Gorath, can you give me any hints as to whether or not it's worth the wait? via PM perhaps?
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