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November 27th, 2009, 06:15
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
JemyM always seems to revert to being a hateful idiot when it comes to discussing anything related to America.

He apparently knows more about America than any of us…. even though he's never been here.

I shouldn't have been so harsh, perhaps. This is certainly not the place for it.

Truth be told, my response was based more on an observed pattern of consistent behavior and opinion, that I've witnessed here over time. More so than this particular display of stupidity.

I wish I could mention the things that immediately sprang to mind when considering American contribution; without the other party having access to instantaneous and extensive information about it.

Just to see the true span of the ignorance necessary to propagate such a world-view.

2 words: Norman Borlaug

(I once heard it said that if John Lennon had only ever written one song, Imagine, and nothing else; he should still be considered one of the greatest songwriters in history.)

In much the same way, if the only contribution America had ever made to the world was the work of Norman Borlaug, and nothing else, they still would have contributed more to the world, to it's peace and prosperity, than any other nation in history. By far.

Walt Whitman. Louis Armstrong. Bob Beamon. Pet Sounds. Etc. Etc. Etc.

The !@#$ing Constitution. Only the Magna Carta, in all the thousands of years of recorded human history, comes close to what the American Constitution truly represents in terms of human advancement.

[Warning: The current U.S. government may or may not resemble the government envisioned in the Constitution. Batteries not included.]

I'm not American. America is a terribly flawed nation. America has made many mistakes.

America has also, demonstrably and empirically, been far, far more of a positive force for mankind, than it has been a negative one.

By orders of magnitude.

To say otherwise is simply stupid. Willfully so.
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