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November 27th, 2009, 10:28
You do not need to play DA for 80 hours; people on the Bioware DA forums have played DA for only 20-30 hours. It all depends on your individual playing style. The origins in DA, however, will net you between 2-4 hours of gameplay. And you really only have to do the main quest and maybe some fo the side quests. Then, still, people on the DA forums have also sepnt like 98 hours playing DA.

As for the loot in DA, it is not so great again, I belive? The setting is sort of low magic, so no swords +1 laying around aplenty. There's an alchemy system in DA as well, just choosethe Herbalism skill, and you will be able to make potions.

Like in DraSa you can pause the game and give commands to your 3 team mates. And you can get a Dog as companion, too - in DA, that it.

In the demo for DraSA, you'll need to pick up a character atop on mountain high that will open locks for you - if you have lockpicks that is

Compared to DraSa, there is much talking in DA. However, this could simply be bcause all characters are voiced over in DA, and not so in DraSa. You can do some very interesting quests for your companions in DA, though.

DA uses the influence system, members of your team will leave you, if they don't like you or disagree (too much) with your decisions as a leader. Just shower them gifts they like….and stay on their good side

There should be a some gameplay videos out there for DA (since there's no demo for this game). The giant bomb 20 minute run is probably the best one I've seen so far. Else, try gametrailers.com or even youtube.com - Bioware is such a cool company, that they don't mind people making videos of the getting, then uploading them to youtube.
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