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November 27th, 2009, 12:37
I think i felt more at home in Drakensang. Was very fun getting into the lore again. The thing i was bothered with in Drakensang is the "non strategic view". I think its the same as Dragon Age at console.

However i feel the combat mechanics are much better in Drakensang.
Overall i remember Drakensang more fondly then my current frustrating play through in DA. But i can't help to wonder how i would feel if i would have played Dragon Age first, then Drakensang. The actionoriented gameplay is very similar. (The enemy in Drakensang is however more varied)

My vote, for now, would definitly go to Drakensang. I am really looking forward to number 2.

EDIT: I do think however that it is fantastic that we currently have two great party based old school RPGs to play with. Dragon Age did have much higher expectation from me then Drakensang. Drakensang was: "Oh, please let not suck", where Dragon Age held "Please be rpg nirvana".
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