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November 28th, 2009, 20:40
Well, here is something that happen to me.. I was on a quest in Brecilian Forest, some evil mages had kept up their neighbour, whit loud music, yelling, demonic sacrifice, you know the deal. As I was going through the forest, whit my merry band of follows, I was seeing a group of elf, looking like they had seen to many dragon age trailers (the bad ones), doing the happy dance around a alter, obvious high on deep mushrooms.

So I decided to talk to the Mary Manson clones, before I gutted them (in fact the game left me whiteout no much choice!), their leader then explained that he intended to send me off the planet, by putting a fireball up in my ass! (not his exact word, but you get the point). It’s was here it begun to go very, very bad! To my big surprise, was my comrade of arms, decided to engage in a big group hug just behind my back?!? (normal they bitch at each other all day long), before I could act, me and the huggers was court in a Cone of Cold, followed a few second later by two Fireballs… on the plus side, the lonely survivor was not frozen anymore, not because that did him much good.

Thanks god fore the load function, so a little later we approached the mages again, this time I thought, lets try to use a little tactic, so I placed my follows scattered out in tactical places and I went over to talk the freaks, cursing the game on my way fore not let me break up their party, whit a few long distance spells. I got the usual speech, and the fight begun… To my even bigger surprise, yet again my follows was suddenly standing behind my back, and did the hug thing?!?!?? Only some quick reflex from my side, prevented another disaster, soon there after the mages laid dead and looted, and I headed out to find a cliff, I could throw my follows out from…

(Sorry fore the gramma, are Danish)
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