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November 28th, 2009, 23:09
Since I wanted an excuse not to buy it right now I dag up some negative comments:

I don't understand the battle system in this game. Most of the troops just stand around.

Like for example, lets say I have 30 footmen against 30 enemy footmen. When my troops take out 20 of them, none of my other 20 help the attack. they just stand there watching the 10 vs 10 fight. It would make sense that they would assist them?

If I have 30 VS 5 there is no way to out number the enemy. it still is one on one duels it seems.

In huge battles most of the army never assist others, I think that if this is how the battle system works, probably one of the worst RTS battle fighting I have ever played.

Everything else in the game is great, tho.
First impression is that it's broken.
i get runtime errors all the time, cant play it, which is a shame cause the game seems interesting
The first update of King Arthur – The Role-playing Wargame is available. Steam will automatically update your build at the next start. This update fixes the crashing problems.
It really like that game mark of chaos.. Battles really annoy me and its far too easy to lose at the begining..
You can't refill your defeated troops, you can make new armies, you don't have a good grasp on what is going on..
Although perhaps I haven't played it long enough..
The fact the battles themselves look very out of sync, kills the mood for me. Mark of Chaos did a better job of that and that game is old and also sucks.

You have x amount of soldiers engage with x amount of enemies (squad vs squad or whatever) and its x = x. Say you have 32 guys and the enemy squad is 11 guys. You'll have 22 guys killing each other while YOUR extra 21 guys are standing around or moving cm by cm to their foes, their shields/weapons up, doing nothing to overwhelm them.

Just that makes the battles look bad, no epic feel or sense of charge or even a mood of wanton slaughter.
no crashes but performance is really a big problem..

Q9400 CPU
8GB ram
Windows 7 64bit
Nvidia 285

around 25-40 FPS :/
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