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December 10th, 2009, 19:17
Originally Posted by BillSeurer View Post
No, but raising most skills above that is fairly useless. Think of it this way, I leave the vault and after shooting a few rats I become one of the best doctors (or whatever) in the world!
I don't really agree.

Especially weapon skills are highly useful way past 100%. This is because hitting eyes at long range and similar takes a lot more than 100%.

That's not to say some of the skills can't effectively "max out" relatively soon, but progress is retained through the perks system. Tag skills increase by 3% (IIRC) - which leaves plenty of levels before you reach 100%.

I think it's a great system overall, but no system is flawless.

Also, realism is not my main concern. My main concern is the sensation of meaningful progress - and each level should represent a tangible step forward. That's the most vital aspect of any character system - and yet so very few designers understand that.




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