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December 10th, 2009, 21:47
2404 has a review of Runic's Torchlight. There's no score but the text is very positive:
In the end, Torchlight hit the jackpot exactly where it counts the most Ė the gameplay. If you're familiar with the one-more-turn syndrome of addictive turn-based strategy games you'll understand what I mean, except that here itís all in real-time, itís fast paced and you're not given a break; you just know you want to go forward and kill one more goblin, or find one more enchanted battle axe. There is so much loot that at times you'll have no clue what to keep and what to sell, which weapon to enchant and in what manner. What makes the choice even more difficult is your limited inventory, which often fills up after every battle. There are of course a couple of chests back in town at your disposal, plus your pet is able to carry some things, but I personally found myself a little overwhelmed at the amount of loot in the game. At one point I actually decided to try and just ignore everything lying on the ground, but I only say try since the curiosity of finding a more powerful weapon or enchantment is just too hard to resist.
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