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December 11th, 2009, 23:22
Class based is pretty much required in a grouping game, online, etc.. Raid encounters and the like are designed around a 'well-rounded- group makeup, which may not ever be the case should everyone be a hybrid built up by their own skill choices.
In mostly solo type rpgs, I tend to like the skill based system, or as some have mentioned the special system, to keep you from totally gimping your dumb self.
UO is my most memorable skill based game, and it had problems because it tried to apply too much 'real logic' to character building. Want to be a blacksmith? have to have high strength. Have enough strength and pick up a bow for a while and oops, you just lost some strength and gained dexterity and now you can't blacksmith or shoot a bow worth a damn.. lol (yes, they eventually invented skill locks etc. to keep this from happening)
I see a place for all the systems depending on the overall game design.
I've finished Fallout 3 a dozen times with different characters with almost all the dlc's except the space ship one.. and I didn't notice any glaring issues.. /shrugs
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