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December 12th, 2009, 12:19
Most Swedish RPG's are skillbased rather than levelbased. Our group have played since 1993 and it's usually the case that people have maxed out "often used" skills and have zero in "less rarely used". This means that a wizard will have 20 in magic as a starting character but will still have 0 in languages as an epic character, or a street thug have 20 in firearms as a starting character but 0 in streetwise as an epic character. Some of the skillsystems were awful in just pouring skills at you which you had not enough points to afford even a realistic character, and you naturally had zero in the stuff you hadn't invested in.

This is one of the reasons I begun to like classbased systems more and more even if there are things I don't like with those either. I kinda like how they often "spread out" your abilities when things like defense, attack and skills are separated and you get some in all three in every level. I do loathe the idea of prestige classes that have been used in D&D3 and Star Wars Saga Edition. When it comes to both classes and skills I always go for "less is more". Starting with few classes/abilities and expanding the core ones use from one book of another rather than adding a new one is a much better way to build a game since it allows more diversity.
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